The New Student Orientation Program

During August of 2014, Colorado College held the first Sense of Place Orientation program for the incoming class.The program was conceived and developed by Alex Suber and Julian Kraus-Polk, both class of 2015. The presentation featured speakers from the Colorado Springs community and films by Alex and Julian. The program provides information on many different facets of our “place” here in Colorado Springs and encourages new students to connect to this region in a meaningful way. The hour-long program was filmed and the videos of the presentation can be found below. The presentation was split into different sections and the structure of the program is as follows:

Program Structure

  1. Cultural History
    1. Bruce Coriell
  2. Natural History
    1. Miro Kummel
  3. Sources of Our Sustenance
    1. Food
      1. Film
      2. Mike Callicrate & Randy Kruse
    2. Waste
      1. Film
      2. Alicia Archibald
    3. Water
      1. Film
      2. Frank Kinder
    4. Energy
      1. Film
      2. Mark Ferguson
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